The Systematics "What We Did In The Afternoons" 2 LP (TU-134-01)



The Systematics were a band from Australia. They existed for four years, from 1978 to 1982. They released 3 records: The "Pulp Baby" 7" on the Australian label Doublethink, a 12" EP called "Rural" and a 7" EP called "Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach" on the Australian label M Squared.


The music of The Systematics is unique. It comes from the grey area somewhere between No Wave, Post Punk, Minimal Electronics and Pseudo Pop Music.


"What We Did In The Afternoons" is a Double LP.


The first LP contains everything The Systematics have ever released on vinyl - all the above mentioned releases, as well as two contributions they made to the M Squared compilation LPs "Growing Pains" and "A Selection". So one might say the first LP it is some kind of "Best Of" album.


The second LP contains only unreleased material that was carefully selected by the singer of The Systematics, Patrick Gibson, and TU-134: Demo versions of "Pulp Baby" and "International Voltage", some contributions to cassette only releases ("Sunny", "Marine Boy") as well as tracks that have never been released before in any format: "Golden Age", "ASIO", "Hippie Happening" or "John Robinson", just to name a few. So one might say the second LP is some kind of new old album by The Systematics.


"What We Did In The Afternoons" comes in a gatefold cover designed by Bianca Strauch and contains a 12 page booklet that features photos and a comprehensive text about The Systematics by Patrick Gibson.


All tracks have been carefully remastered by Marcus Schmickler. The vinyl discs are high quality pressings made in Germany.


The Systematics "What We Did In The Afternoons" is limited to 500 handnumbered copies.


Price: 22 Euro (last copies!)